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Tango Mar Beach & Golf Resort
3 सितारे  
(35 कमरा)

Carretera Cobabo Peninsula of Nicoya, Tambor (मान्चिट्र)

Whatever Picture you Have of Experiencing Such a Place, Tango Mar is Where Your Dreams and Desires All Come Together. Located On a 150-Acre Private Beachfront  ज्यादा...

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Cabinas & Restaurante Cristina
0 सितारे  

Frente a la Iglesia Catolica de Tambor, Tambor (मान्चिट्र)

The Cabinas & Restaurante Cristina in Tambor, Costa Rica situated Frente a la Iglesia Catolica de Tambor. Here it is unfortunately not yet possible to book online.
This accommodation Cabinas & Restaurante Cristina would be glad to welcome you soon. The correct data depends on the update of the information through the management and cannot be guaranteed.  ज्यादा...


Tambor is set in the valley of a large and calm horsehoe bay: The Bahia Ballena which in english means whale bay. During dry season these giants of the seas used to come into the bay. Nowadays with the increased coastal activity whales no longer frequent the bay of Tambor. The beach of Tambor is easily accessed with a car and you find shade under almond and palm trees. The volcanic history of the sand serves up a grey-colored beach which gently slopes into the bay. Low tide produces a broad expanse of fine sand where you can play beach volleyball and soccer. The shallow waters are exceedingly calm and offer good swimming for even the most timid of bathers. A local breeding program for scarlet macaws successfully re-introduced the species in the area around Tambor and sometimes you see flocks of these gregarious, large parrots for aging the almond trees on the Tambor beach.

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